The Department of Health will now view your continuing education records in the Department’s electronic tracking system, powered by CE Broker, at the time of license renewal. It will happen automatically when you renew your license and it is important that you understand how this simple change will affect the way you renew your license in the future

When you renew your professional license online, the Department of Health will automatically verify with its electronic tracking system that you completed your continuing education.

If your records are up-to-date in the electronic system you can renew your professional license as usual without interruption.

If not, you will be prompted to report your hours before renewing. The Department of Health will direct you to the right place.

Florida Board-approved providers will report course completions for you. Others may not.

You can see all of the courses already posted to your records and report any that are missing.

Reporting is easy. Follow step-by-step instructions and fill in the requested information.

Report CE

You can also choose to access Official CE Compliance Transcripts and see courses applied to your renewal requirements in real-time. Know at a glance what you have left to complete and rest assured your CE requirements have all been met.

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Within the tracking system, you can set up email reminders, use the Official CE Course Search, and get all the latest information you need on continuing education.

Once your continuing education records are complete, you are ready to renew.

Visit the Florida Department of Health website to renew your license. The Division of Medical Quality Assurance will then review your CE records online.

Create an account in the Official Tracking System to update your continuing education records and make sure your requirements are fulfilled.